Our new monthly blog “Romancing the Stone”

Lisa and Paul

We came across Debra’s website quite by chance and immediately knew she was the woman for us. Debra is clear, direct and an awesome creator – and all that made her super easy to work with. We wanted wedding rings that were special, well considered, expertly created, and crafted by someone we really respected. After all, we’re planning to wear these every day for the rest of our days and wanted someone who would really put a lot of energy into our jewelry.

My husband loved one of Debra’s rings at first sight, so he was an easy fix…me, a little more complex (!). After just a few emails back and forth (we’re not in Dunedin), Debra sent through a design concept and I loved and we were full steam ahead. We found out part way through the design process that we were expecting twins, so we wanted five little gems to symbolise each member of our little family. I wanted a ring that complemented my husband’s – but in a subtle way – so Debra incorporated some of the texture from his ring onto the back of mine. I’d shown Debra a photo of a ring I wear daily from another awesome NZ designer, and she was somehow able to *seemingly magically* pull together my eclectic tastes and interests to create a ring which is just perfect! It’s practical for home life with three small children, and for running and mountain biking, yet also timeless and whimsical and girly. We couldn’t be more delighted to have worked with Debra. Such an easy and delightful process – even from afar!