Debra Fallowfield makes jewellery to fall in love with.
Crafting every piece entirely by hand.

Hand made custom jewellery to fall in love with. Crafting every piece by hand. Engagement & Wedding rings, Mens rings, Bespoke Earrings & more, New Zealand.


Debra Fallowfield has been at the forefront of jewellery in New Zealand for over 20 years.
Specialising in “one of a kind ” jewels that push the boundaries between contemporary & fine jewellery.

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Custom Orders – What Is The Process?

The majority of the pieces you see on this website will have been customer commissions.
Debra prides herself in “Bespoke” work and custom made to order client commissions, having created many pieces over the years for discerning clients whether in New Zealand or around the Globe.

Known for her straight-up incredible communication skills Debra will ensure that the process is exciting, fun and downright easy.

If you still need more assurance to how amazing Debra is to work with, just take a read of the 5-star reviews and testimonials on either her Facebook page or google business.

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Custom Orders | Remodelling

Moissanite Gemstone

Debra will tell you… “Moissanite isn’t a fake diamond, it is its own gem and chemical composition,” Cubic zirconia may be a better known diamond alternative, but it doesn’t have the same unique qualities of moissanite.


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Debra Fallowfield makes custom jewellery to fall in love with … Crafting every piece entirely by hand..