“I have made things for as long as I remember, I’ve  always been a magpie, attracted to bright shiny things”

Juxtaposing rough with smooth, fine with contemporary ,Debra Fallowfield has been at the forefront of  jewellery  in New Zealand for near on 15 years ,with work that continually pushes boundaries between contemporary and fine jewellery.

Specialising in truly unique  One of a kind  handmade jewels.

Her work is  “Miles away from the mainstream” -A refreshing change in a jewellery market saturated with cheap mass produced replicas.

Signature pieces include unashamedly bold and solid wedding/commitment bands in gold, set with diamonds or rainbow hued gemstones ,alternative engagement rings, wide bangles with inspiring inscriptions and anything that pushes the envelope.

Inspiration for her work is as varied as her designs, from ancient civilisations, to landscapes and often showcases her love for New Zealand and Australia (having lived in Sydney for nearly  12 years in her 20’s).

In 2011 Debra’s world came crashing down and she lost her city studio/gallery with much of her tools in Christchurch’s devastating Feb 22nd Earthquake-however she was incredibly lucky not to have lost her life.

For nearly 3 years after the event she worked in a tiny closet like space off the laundry ,and held wedding ring consultations at her kitchen table.

In 2014 Debra  her husband and teenage son  decided to move to  Dunedin where Debra grew up, settling in creative Port Chalmers -just out of Dunedin.

Debra still works from home -but also has a beautiful gallery store on George Street ,Port Chalmers .