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About Debra

Debra Fallowfield Jeweller

"I have no desire to mass produce my jewellery or to use any methods that may take away its uniqueness"

The Debra Fallowfield story is an uplifting tribute to the bespoke and handmade in a world of mass production.
A pioneer in the jewellery industry now for well over 25 years, Debra designs for those who not only seek rare beauty but also jewellery that carries an inherent weight ( both in a physical and spiritual sense).
This is the act of truly creating jewellery by hand, not just hand assemblage.
Bold, beautiful, powerful works, that still bear the makers imperfections ,love and tool marks.
Truly unique "one of a kind" custom made jewels created with impeccable care, immense skill and and the utmost integrity.
Debra's signature pieces include heavyweight wedding/commitment bands in gold, often set with diamonds or rainbow-hued sapphires, distinctive refreshingly DIFFERENT engagement rings, and anything that pushes the envelope of traditional jewellery design and techniques.
Debra works remotely with clients Worldwide-or welcomes visits via appointment at her Noosa Studio.


Made locally in the Noosa Hinterland, Australia, we take pride not only in our work, but in our responsible practice and impeccable standards.
Everything is created in-house by Debra and her husband Dean.
Debra has alway's been focused on sustainability throughout her career.
Long before the words ethical, fair trade and reclaimed appeared on every new jewellery labels blurb, Debra was involved in all these practices and remains to this day an ethical jeweller.
Debra ensures all materials follow a chain of accountability, such as Australian sapphires sourced from small-scale mining operations.
All of our stones are ethically sourced and our diamonds conflict-free. In many cases, Debra purchases gemstones locally in Queensland direct from the miners themselves.
We recycle all of our studio scrap and excess for reuse, recycle all our gold, and purchase the majority from a NZ supplier specialising in alluvial gold from the South Island of New Zealand. These alluvial operations must comply with strict Department of Conservation protocols which firmly puts the responsibility on gold exploration, extraction and processing companies to minimise their environmental impact over the whole life cycle of their activities.

“For me, the journey in creating a piece is just as important as the final result, I enjoy the process and find beauty in the slightly imperfect nature of crafting by hand.”

Debra still chooses to create everything by hand in today’s age of technology, preferring the tactile nature and process of handcrafting over computer designed and 3D and printed jewellery.

It should be noted that Debra has also led the charge towards a more organic feminine aesthetic within the wedding/bridal industry inspiring many younger jewellers to head down this path.

This is "slow jewellery" impeccably crafted for lovers of the unique, and for those who prefer one of a kind, over one of many.

Today, Debra’s pieces are highly coveted and worn by many celebrities and jewellery collectors.

“I have made things for as long as I remember, I’ve always been a magpie, attracted to bright shiny things”