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Debra Fallowfield makes jewellery to fall in love with …
Crafting every piece entirely by hand.


Hand made custom jewellery to fall in love with. Crafting every piece by hand. Engagement & Wedding rings, Mens rings, Bespoke Earrings & more, New Zealand.

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  • Just a few of the beauties you will find @gallerythirtythree in Wanaka of my work.
Cute ah?! 🥰
  • I would never had considered putting a grey gem into a yellow gold ring.
But this engagement ring turned out really all kinds of wonderful 💕✨
  • Playing around with all those sapphires I bought years ago in Sri Lanka! 
This beauty is the most amazing sea foam blue/ green .
It’s being set in 14ct white gold and will have gemstone encrusted shoulders.
It’s a new year and it’s going to be a goodie!!
  • By by manicure :(
It’s work time ...
  • Nice Sunny day in Port Chalmers today!
I'll be back in my shop from 12-4pm today😁
  • It’s Friday so it’s time for an easy no fuss cocktail !

Orange Spy 🕵️‍♀️ A play on a rum cocktail 
2 shots spytail rum 
1 shot of Blood Orange Cointreau 
Full dropper of Bittermens Xocolatl bitters.
Juice one orange
Scant teaspoon of orange Marmalade 
Put all ingredients apart from the soda in a shaker - shake and strain.
Top with sofa water ( ummm ... I mean SODA water 😂) @spytailrum 
  • Cushion halo sparkles ✨✨
  • Horizontal lines ❤️

Debra Fallowfield makes custom jewellery to fall in love with … Crafting every piece entirely by hand..