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Debra Fallowfield makes jewellery to fall in love with …
Crafting every piece entirely by hand.


Hand made custom jewellery to fall in love with. Crafting every piece by hand. Engagement & Wedding rings, Mens rings, Bespoke Earrings & more, New Zealand.

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  • Friday cocktail time!  I am heading out later tonight for a few drinks so this afternoon I thought I would play around with the idea of a healthy( well , slightly healthy ) cocktail that tasted good as well!
I’ve been crazy over making my own sugar syrups lately- you name it I’ve made it from sage to Lavender and everything in between.
This cocktail used a homemade lavender syrup- but you could easily just use a normal sugar syrup too!
The “ good “ part of this cocktail is a small serve of Arepa in the mix .
Arepa @drinkarepa make an amazing “ neuroberry “product from NZ black currants , that deserves to be showcased in drinks other than smoothie.

BAC cocktail ( blackcurrant antioxidant cocktail ) 
1 .5 shot Danzka @danzka_vodka 
1 shot Cointreau
Lemon juice - one lemon
2 shots of Lavender sugar syrup
1 scant teaspoon of Arepa powder.

A full shaker of ice.

Add all ingredients to a shaker 
Shake super hard , as the mix is quite potent and you want to water it down a bit.

Strain and enjoy 💕💕
Deb x
  • Here is one of the more interesting remodels I have done this year.
Annie’s antique emerald ring was so old , all the stones in it had obviously been hand cut and were visibly and very uneven yet beautiful in their own pre Victorian way.
The cuts made setting the stones in quite tricky , so the only way was to “ bead” or grain set them.
For this job I used an amazing gem setter , who I would be totally lost without!
If you swipe across you can see the original ring setting.
I create everything by hand - so your ring will never be exactly the same !
  • Busy day in the office...
  • A bit of “ Kiwiana “ for you all on a Monday morning.
Heavyweight Southern Cross diamond and rose gold ring.
A recent commission.
  • After something that little bit more edgy for your eng ring?
Grey moissanite, white gold, black and white diamonds.
  • We all know what time it is!
Cocktail time...
I’ve been stumped for a while as to why on earth I bought Lemoncello  and Galliano.
Hell , I don’t even really like Limoncello .
I know I bought Galliano for the bottle - cause it looks super bloody “ Posh “ on the top shelf .. 🤣🤣
I’m going to call this a” Lemon delicious “ as it’s super yummy.

1 shot Limoncello 
2 shots Galliano 
1/2 lime or lemon squeezed.
Shot of simple sugar syrup
1 egg white.

Shake everything together - without the ice ( helps to get it all frothy like)
Then shake again with ice 
Strain into a Martini glass.

There you have it !
A use for the booze that no one drinks 😜
In the background my personal chef is making us fresh wontons with Szechuan chilli oil.
  • Fresh off the bench today... Bling , bling baby!!
  • Christmas is coming... I try to carry a few necklaces already made up in stock.
This one is a beauty .

Debra Fallowfield makes custom jewellery to fall in love with … Crafting every piece entirely by hand..