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Debra Fallowfield makes jewellery to fall in love with …
Crafting every piece entirely by hand.



Hand made custom jewellery to fall in love with. Crafting every piece by hand. Engagement & Wedding rings, Mens rings, Bespoke Earrings & more, New Zealand.

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  • Thank f@ck it’s Friday 
Whew... What can only be called a “ challenging week” for me this one !
My kill list is definitely a bit longer after this one 😂 
Luckily we have alcohol, yippee!
I could not get this baby quicker in the glass than I did , no time for fancy smancy pics today!
I’m going to call this one “ For f@cks Sake”

A delicious Sake cocktail.

Wizz up a skinned cucumber in a blender , strain through a metal strainer into a jug ( you want around 100mm of juice ).
Whilst waiting for juice to strain - take a shot of Sake ( ok, not necessary, but why not!)or maybe 2...
In a shaker filled with ice add.

2 large shots Sake
Juice two limes
30mm Elderflower liquor ( I love St Germain
20mm of mint and lemon balm infused sugar syrup ( take two handfuls fresh mint , 1 of lemon balm , put in it cover with just enough boiling water, let sit 24 hours then bring “ just “ to the boil with similar amount of castor sugar)
Shake and strain 
Enjoy!!! Bought the Sake from @liquorland_nz
  • Finger popping ...
  • Deep grey moissanite with diamonds and sapphires either side.
  • Two of my favourites ♥️💖
  • Hard not to love this ring 🥰
  • Tomorrow is National Margarita Day!
So why not keep things super simple ...
For this I made a pretty classic Margarita 
1 ounce Lime juice
2 ounces Tequila ( I used Herradura Ultra Anejo ) - it’s an 100 % Agave Tequila and well worth the coin!)
1 ounce Pickerings Pink Grapefruit and Lemongrass Gin Liqueur. * ( about as close to Gin as I get )... Nice find I must ad from @liquorland_nz in student ville 👍

Good squeeze Agave syrup.
1/2 ounce Cointreau.
Himalayan pink salt rimmed glass.
Put in shaker over ice , shake and strain.

Salute *** Happy orientation week to all you students in Dunners .. Drink responsibly with good alcohol 😂😜
  • Sometimes all you need is a big f@ck off stone set in a rustic chunky ring.
Simple is good...
  • It's all about the unique today...
This Spinel changes colour!
From a vibrant lilac to cornflower blue.
Its available too 😍

Debra Fallowfield makes custom jewellery to fall in love with … Crafting every piece entirely by hand..