Wedding & Engagement Rings

We design and craft custom engagement rings and handmade wedding rings for those who want something unique.

At Debra fallowfield Jewellery we give the proverbial finger to any stuffy old beliefs that your engagement ring should be like this, or your wedding ring like that. Really.. Whatever.

All those silly notions that an engagement ring needs to cost at least a months wage or salary…Why?
Besides, who wrote the ring rule book anyway. Oh, that’s right, it was one of the biggest marketing campaigns in history!

And yes, a diamond will last forever, but so will a moissanite, a sapphire or a spinel with a bit of care and common sense.

Who the hell say’s you cannot have colour? Who say’s you need a solitaire with a matching band?

Let’s throw those archaic old ideas out and do what you want! A custom wedding ring or unique engagement ring with meaning and purpose.

What you see on these pages are ideas to spark the flames, and ignite those creative juices.

Because at Debra Fallowfield, we not only celebrate love in all its crazy, mad and unorthodox forms. We celebrate uniqueness and individuality too. Without the need to spend a gazillion dollars on your wedding or engagement rings ( oh, unless you won the lottery. If you did then we are sooo up for it!)

*So you know, absolutely everything here can be 100 per cent customised to make it completely your own story. To speak with a custom wedding or engagement ring designer on the Sunshine Coast, simply contact me today.

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