Whilst it is  definitely  common knowledge I am more a “ring” gal, last month I finally grabbed some time to craft some fabulous new bangles from designs I had had swimming in my head for quite sometime.

These are solid,bold and edgy -and would make amazing timeless gifts,for young and older woman alike-future heirlooms to pass down no less!

Some are inspired by my ring collections ,whilst others such as the ARAMOANA bangle is based upon morning walks along beautiful Aramoana beach with Maia (our rescue Pitbull) and  my husband Dean.
I am  completely fascinated by the curvature and flow of  the long kelp strands strewn  on the beach, I have always been  attracted to nature with it’s complexity and simplicity at the same time.
My other new favourite is the new RELIC bangle ,showcasing my darker side and  love of textural elements,erosion and decay.

Most have a BUY NOW option on the website -head to the WRIST section to check them out!

I am slowly working on increasing the amount of ready made items available on the website,but it is difficult due to the high demand for my custom pieces,and only one pair of hands!