Mystic Topaz -What Actually Is It?

Mystic Topaz is a stunningly beautiful gemstone!
Mystic Topaz has been on the market since 1998, and the first time I saw it WAYYY back then,I was… Well, Mystified!
Mystic topaz looks like no other  gem in the world due to the Insane Iridescent Rainbow Colours that the stone exhibits.
It is  Brilliant, Bright, Sparkly, and Beautiful ,all rolled into a single gemstone!
Being the Magpie that I am ,I adore Mystic Topaz ,and feature it in a large selection of my work.It is a relatively cheap gem (when compared with say sapphires ,or other precious gems) yet carries a huge “wow” factor
Originally the only variety of Mystic Topaz available was the classic green/pink shade(As featured in the ring above),but now it is being created in a myriad of shades (see below)-although often the more unusual shades are difficult to find .
Most of the Mystic Topaz I purchase is created in the USA from white Topaz mined in Brazil .
So what is Mystic Topaz?

Mystic Topaz is actually an Enhanced, however still real , Topaz GemstoneWhite Topaz isCoated with a Layer of Titanium on the Pavilion to Create these Wonderful Colours. It is only Microns Thick, and only Coats the Pavilion or Base of the Stone (Never the Top or the Table).
The Result is a Multi-Color Effect that’s Breathtaking and Surreal.

How hard wearing is Mystic Topaz ?

Mystic topaz is an 8 on the Mohs scale and very suitable for everyday wear in rings, pendants or earrings.
One should take the same care as one would when wearing a diamond.
Like a diamond it has perfect cleavage and it can break, chip or form straight cracks if one were to hit it in just the right place.
So protect it from hard knocks.
As with all gemstones, one should avoid using chemicals like bleach or chlorine or abrasive polishing cloths when wearing your Mystic Topaz.
I always state “common sense prevails”

“Talk to me anytime about creating your dream ring in MYSTIC TOPAZ “