Kerens Remodel

Keren approached me a while back to create a remodel using some inherited rings of great sentimental value. The main ring (which comprised of sapphires) was previously her Nanas, gifted  to Keren after she passed away. The other diamond ring (with the two small diamonds either side) was from her mother.
We began by figuring out what she liked and did not like. Referring to my many styles on facebook ,instagram and the website we were able to come up with a design that used the elements from a few  of my designs.
Because Keren lives outside Dunedin up in Moutere ,we did this via facebook ,through the message box on my page. Facebook business messenger is great for this as it’s was just like having a real conversation and we could bounce ideas off each other pretty instantly. Keren then couriered the rings down to Dunedin.
I have to say Keren was an absolute dream to work with -I really appreciate a woman who knows what she wants! This absolutely makes my job much, much EASIER.
Never be afraid to tell me what you want!!!
From the information gathered I sketched out a rough design to make sure we were completely on the same page before starting.
Then began the painstaking task of carefully removing all the stones from their old settings ,sometimes this can take hours. Once that was done all the gold was sent up to a refinery I use in Auckland to be refined and returned as pure gold granules ,clean and alloy free to be used in the new casting!
This was a positive and exciting jewellery remodeling project that had a great outcome. Preserving sentimental jewellery, that can also be worn with pride.


Keren’s original rings
The finished creation in a very solid 18ct gold.We added a large central 1ct Forever brilliant moissanite and 3 smaller diamonds amongst the diamonds and sapphires either side to balance out the design.
*I go into full detail in my FAQS about the process,base costs etc-click below!

Love love my new ring, thank you so much Deb