Important Questions to Ask Before Buying Jewellery

Choosing_jewellery_asking_questionsShopping for beautiful sparkly jewellery is a fun experience where you get to look at options, compare, ask questions and finally become the proud owner of a gorgeous piece. However, there can be some factors to consider when choosing jewellery. So after listening to my customers and taking into consideration what we discuss, I decided to put together a list of ultimate questions to ask before buying jewellery.

What do I really want?

I know it might sound strange, but you should always ask yourself this question and understand precisely what you like even before approaching a jewellery shop. Think of a design, ideas, inspirations and favourite pieces you’ve seen in the past. Understand your own taste before talking to the jeweller. Although being open-minded and ready to explore something entirely new is also a plus. At the end of the day, you might follow your heart and fall in love with something different to your usual taste. The key here though is to know what that usual taste of yours is.

What is this metal?

If you see something you like, make sure to start asking questions like what metal it is made out of. Understanding whether it’s made out of platinum, gold or another type of metal won’t just give you an indication of its value, but let you know whether you like this metal or not. Some people prefer one metal over another, so if you’re one of them, I suggest you start by asking your jeweller to show pieces made out of the metal you prefer wearing.

What are these gemstones/diamonds?

If you’re looking at a piece which contains stones, make sure to ask what exactly they are. With so many different stones out there, you should never assume. A blue stone in a ring can be anything from topaz to sapphire (and even iolite). So check what the stone is as it’ll also indicate the jewellery’s value. There are also diamonds of various qualities, grades and colours. Ask your jeweller to explain what the diamond quality of the piece you’re looking at and what the difference between various types is.

Try it on!

Trying jewellery on is one of the most critical steps in understanding whether it suits you. We all have different looks to us and what suits one may not suit another. If you’re looking at earrings or necklace, it is especially important. You can then see how it looks on you and whether it highlights your beautiful features. Comparing jewellery pieces is also a good idea to understand what length or style looks best on you.


Once you set your mind on a jewellery piece (and before actually buying it), check what aftercare instructions for it would be. Some jewellery requires more care than others. Some metals (like white gold) may fade faster than others requiring more regular cleans. And while gemstones are hardwearing, pearls can be affected by moisturises and perfumes so you would need to be aware of that and careful wearing them.