Jewellery Personalities

jewellery_personality_style_typeWe all have our preferences and dislikes around jewellery, but did you know you can guess someone’s personality by the jewellery they wear? Some even claim that the jewellery can say the most about who you are. Below is jewellery personality info, see if you can find yourself!

Centre of Attention

Chunky, big and statement jewellery is chosen by a strong personality who loves being in a limelight. Someone who loves standing out and making themselves centre of attention. So whether it’s a huge gemstone ring or gold collar necklace, you’re a centre of attention type of jewellery personality.

  • Romanic

This personality type isn’t all about hearts. You’ll see these people wearing pastel colours like pinks and rose gold pieces. They wear delicate or thin chains and jewellery with small details.

  • Whimsical

If you feel like you were a fairy in your past life and cannot stop thinking about having a rainbow coloured hair, this is you. Whimsical personality is all about having fun and their jewellery reflects it. They love cute charm bracelets or fun shaped pendants like unicorns.

  • Arty

Interesting, one of a kind and sometimes obscure jewellery can reflect its owner’s arty personality. They appreciate well-made jewellery pieces which sometimes don’t make sense, but have an interesting story to them. Think daring, bespoke and unique jewellery!

  • Bling

These people will always go for what sparkles the most. They appreciate diamonds and will flaunt their whole collection on any occasion. They wear a big shining smile and you will notice them from miles away. These people are all about being dazzling brilliant.

  • Fun and Funky

Mixing and matching (and not being afraid) is the key to this jewellery type. If you see someone who has multi-coloured bangles or mismatched earrings – they are the fun and funky personality type. Someone who can pull this jewellery style off is sure lots of fun to hang out with!

  • Classic

If your favourite jewellery has pearls in it and your favourite earrings are simple studs, you’re a classic jewellery lover which reflects your classic jewellery personality. Some call this jewellery style boring, but it’s a style which never goes out of fashion.

  • Hippie

If you often wear flowers in your hair, no shoes and natural jewellery like unpolished gems, you’re a laid-back person who’s most likely in touch with nature and love outdoors. If you gravitate to the natural style of jewellery, you’re a hippie jewellery personality. Your favourite jewellery pieces will have such colours as turquoise and stones like raw quartz, amethyst or moonstone.

  • Trendy

This would be the hardest style to wear and if you’re it, then congrats – you rock a great jewellery style! There are only a small group of fashionistas out there who know which way the trends are going before others. Sometimes their style is ridiculed but then appreciated (when the fashion is in full swing that is). Their jewellery is eye-catching and interesting and they think and live outside the box.