Why Do We Wear Jewellery?

engagement_commitment_rings_nzWhile we all know that a beautiful jewellery piece is gorgeous on the eye and adds glamour to its owner, we often don’t suspect that jewellery is more than just that. Gorgeous jewellery brings out deep-rooted and powerful happiness in many of us.  And here’s why:

  • Allows Self-Expression

We are all individual and want to express ourselves in whichever way we can. It is a natural human need! So highlighting our personality with jewellery is something we all subconsciously do. We might not understand it, but we definitely express our mood and what’s inside of us through jewellery.

  • Magnetising Jewellery

You may have heard that stones have energy… People are drawn to precious stones and especially when these stones are arranged in a beautiful jewellery piece. The effect is magnetising! Attracting others with your precious stones might not be your primary plan, but when it happens, you sure enjoy it.

  • Feeling Closer to Nature

21st-century modern life is busy and hectic. Wearing a piece with natural stones can make you feel closer to nature and even bring out an inner hippie in you. Whatever the feeling is, people enjoy it and appreciate natural stones or elements in their jewellery.

  • Holds memories

Each jewellery piece has a story behind it. Some stories are very special, especially if it’s engagement jewellery or something that was made in honour of someone special. The fact is, every piece holds a memory and we love it, as it reminds us of something or someone when we wear it.