Why choose us ?

1: Superior quality

Our speciality is one – of – kind custom made to jewellery, along with very small runs of our lower price-point pieces.

Every item that we create is crafted by Debra (with a little help from Dean, her husband, right from the initial design, right through to the final completion.

We will never skimp on metal, cut corners to save time, nor ever hollow pieces out to reduce costs.

What you cannot see in 2D form is how solid our work is.

We take our time and make every item with old school workmanship, and attention to detail.

On Google and Facebook, you will see many 5 star reviews

“I just received my beautiful lemon cushion ring. It is more beautiful than I imagined (and fits perfectly for a remote purchase).”

Thank you Debra – Gillian Barrett

2: We LOVE communication

Our business only exists because of our customers.

When you deal with Debra Fallowfield, you deal directly with Debra Fallowfield.

We always endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

We will talk to you in a language you understand, not a confusing jewellery language.

Wanted to give a HUGE thanks to Debra – just picked up the gorgeous ring that she made to me – not only sourced the most amazing stone, but fits like a glove. Thrilled with it. – Nyree KerrDebra Fallowfield

3: Experience

Having been in the industry for nearly 24 years, Debra has some hefty knowledge under her belt.

Debra can help you with choosing pieces that are right for you or your loved ones, and that suit your lifestyle.

“We are stoked with our wedding bands! They were everything we hoped for and we love that they are so unique!”

“Debra was great to deal with and we will certainly be recommending her. Thanks Debra!” – Gemma Donovan

4: We are extremely ethical

Ok – so this one we don’t make a huge song and dance about.

But we have always been ethically minded and we always will be. All of our gems are fair trade and the majority of our gold is either recycled or mined from small boutique mines with extremely tight ethical practices.

Debra is also a New Zealand ambassador for Charles & Colvard Moissanite, an amazing diamond replacement.

5: We truly handmake

We make all our jewellery from scratch by hand, using techniques such as lost wax casting or forging.

CAD is Computer-aided design, teamed with 3D printing. This is what a vast majority of larger jewellery companies use to mass-produce the same design over and over again. Many companies will use these programs to save time and increase profits.

However, CAD pieces can often have weak spots and inclusions called “pitting” which show as tiny holes on the surface.

We feel this is not actually handmade at all, but rather only hand-assembled.