Are Moissanite fake diamonds?

Addressing one of my most common questions – “Are Moissanites ‘FAKE’ diamonds?”
Naturally one of the most common questions people ask about moissanite is whether or not they are ‘fake’ diamonds.
If I am to be completely honest, it makes me just a little sad whenever I hear someone ask that. This is because it shows that all the years of advertising and propaganda from the major diamond companies are truly ingrained into our culture.
Why must everything be compared to diamonds, to begin with even?
It is clear that when people ask that question, what they are really asking is if moissanite stones look enough like diamonds to fool people into thinking they are in fact a diamond. Now, if someone were to ask me that. I would reply “to the untrained eye, yes a moissanite is very passable as a diamond”. But no, they are nothing like Cubic Zirconia!
To those still deciding whether or not to go the moissanite ring route, because they have yet to see them in person, I would say to stop overthinking it and just get one!
Why? Because, unless you are a jeweller or gemologist, or someone you know perhaps, chances are you or they won’t know the difference. It’s rather mind-blowing that in 2023 our society is still very heavily stuck on the idea that a diamond ring is the only acceptable way to propose to our significant others.
Like, come on really?
That said, moissanite is not a fake diamond. They are stunning gemstones all on their own. Just like sapphires and emeralds are different gemstones entirely. Except rather than coming out of the ground, they are made in a laboratory.
My advice to anyone choosing to purchase a handmade moissanite ring for their engagement or wedding ring, is to own it and wear it proudly for what it is, not what you are trying to make it appear to be.
Be proud of the fact you choose a sustainable, ethically produced, non-mined alternative, rather than buy into the diamond myth. Because that’s in my opinion what it is. And i am not the only one, as this article suggests.…
In conclusion, wear your moissanite with pride and love it just as much as the person who gives it to you because love shouldn’t be dependent on a diamond in a ring. And if they have chosen to have a jeweller create a custom engagement ring for you, then that surely shows more care and love than just the type of stone.