Jewellery Style: Contemporary

Did you know that each jeweller follows a particular direction when they create jewellery? There are many various jewellery styles, and each designer usually follows the principles of one style in their work. I guess it’s like someone’s fashion style where they like and wear certain pieces.

There are many interesting jewellery styles like Estate, Costume, and Antique, which are easy to understand. However what is Contemporary Jewellery style is all about?

It’s certainly not the easiest of styles to explain or visualise, as there are so many layers to it. Some translate “contemporary” as “current” or “happening right now”, but that’s not quite right.

Among lots of factors why defining this style is challenging lies the fact that various parts of the world label this style different. For example, Italy talks about contemporary jewellery as ‘art goldsmithing’, France says the jewellery is ‘creative’, and America describes it as ‘art or studio jewellery’.

The perception of this jewellery style is so incredibly diverse, so how could there be one easy description of what it really is?

What we do know about contemporary jewellery is that it is more than decoration. It’s an artistic and creative approach where modern and traditional techniques are used to produce an idea.

It is a way of expressing one’s talent and offering something that is not just part of the current trends but also influences them. Contemporary jewellers usually produce one of a kind pieces from unique occasion pieces to everyday wear pieces.