Choosing the right jewellery for your loved one

Jewellery is a very special gift for your friends or family. However, it’s not exactly easy to choose the right piece for someone even if you know them well. Jewellery is so personal and what we think we know about someone can never be applied for sure to what this person might like in jewellery. It is much harder to choose jewellery for someone who doesn’t know much about the subject itself or follow fashion and trends.

There are however some basic rules you can apply when choosing a jewellery piece for your loved one to avoid getting something very unsuitable for them. Jewellery can enhance someone’s look if worn correctly and if not, it can bring out flaws. Hence it isn’t an easy job to find the right jewellery piece. However, I wanted to put together tips for choosing appropriate jewellery for your loved one.

Who are you buying this for?

Needless to say, this is one of the main factors to consider when choosing jewellery for someone. You will have a different relationship with people which will influence your choice for the jewellery piece for them. Is this for your partner or daughter? Each person will also have their own preference, likes and dislikes. Do your homework and find out what accessories this person wears typically and what they like a look of.

Individual Preferences

Each person will have a preference for jewellery: metal, shape, favourite jewellery type (ring, bracelet, necklace, etc.). Observe what they already wear from the kind of metal (gold, silver) to the shape of pieces. If your daughter wears a lot of silver jewellery, it may pay off to stay away from yellow gold jewellery.


Are you getting this present for a special occasion? If you’re getting something very special and elegant like a diamond necklace, know whether this person will be able to wear this piece in the future. Something grand and flashy like that can look amazing at formal events, but if your loved one doesn’t normally attend such events, this piece will simply stay in their jewellery box. If unsure, get something that they would wear more often than not.

Research the trends

If you’re not sure about where to start and would like to get inspired, then checking current jewellery trends may be your starting point. This doesn’t mean that your loved one will be following them, but it can give you initial ideas and inspiration.