Ring Sizing

choosing_ring_sizeRing buying remotely, when you are unable to visit me in person can be slightly challenging.

One of the most frequently asked questions I am asked constantly is “How do I find out my finger size?”.

Below I address this and give you a few tips and pointers on not only how to get this done accurately for yourself, but also for others you may wish to buy for.

If You’re Buying a Ring for Yourself

If it’s for you, then it is a very simple task. Just head into your local jewellery store and get your size measured. It is a free service, so don’t be afraid to ask.

If you are unable to get to a jewellery store, I can courier little sizers (that you can keep) within New Zealand for $15.00

Tips for Getting Your Finger Size Correct

– Time of day and what you are doing at that time can affect your exact ring size. Getting your finger measured towards the end of the day when you’re more relaxed will provide a more accurate measurement.

–  Your knuckle plays a significant role in understanding your ring size. Knuckles are larger than your actual finger, so don’t ignore them when measuring your ring size. The rule here is to select a size in between the measurements of your finger and the knuckle.

– Please do not use string or tape to measure your finger. It is a very unreliable method.

– Double-check if you’re unsure by visiting another jewellery store to make sure you got the sizing right, second opinions can help!

– If you’re a size in between, I suggest leaning towards a tighter rather than a looser fit. It can often be easier to resize a slightly smaller fit, by just gently stretching the ring *(Although this method only works for on some styles, not all). Resizing a ring smaller is a more complicated process and involves cutting the band, taking a piece out, resoldering it back together and then re-polishing. I more often than not use a manufacturing jewellery company in Christchurch for my resizing as repair work isn’t within my skill set.

– Use correct jewellery sizers, metal sizing rings. Keep in mind that if the ring you’re ordering is over 5mm in width, you must get your finger sized with a wide sizer.

If You’re Buying a Ring for Your Loved One

If you’re buying for someone else and don’t want to spoil then surprise then read on.

Whether it’s an engagement or wedding ring or a gift, trying to buy “on the fly” is not easy!

Try the below tips and if all fails, then just come clean and ask for their finger size, leaving it at that… the suspense will kill them!

If you are still adamant a surprise is in order but cannot get their ring size no matter what you try, I do have another option. If I have something suitable in stock, I will be more than happy to send it your way (after payment in full has been received). If the ring does not fit, or the person does not like it, we can either exchange it or remake it to the purchase amount (or go with something else). Please note though; I do not offer this service on custom work.

Tips of Getting Their Finger Size Right

– If you’re a bloke and trying to figure this out, your best bet would be to recruit one of her friends to help you with this task. Ask your “wing-woman” to find a way to measure your girlfriend’s finger size and find out what style she likes while she’s at it. Potentially they could “accidentally on purpose” pop into a local jewellery store one day and get each other’s sizes measured.

– Don’t measure by drawing around an old ring (and sending the diameter to me) or using an online guide. An online guide should only be used as that – a guide. Unfortunately, they are not particularly accurate.

– If the person already has a ring the right size and you can sneak it into a jewellery store, it can be sized on a measuring stick to check its size. Wide band size is whatever letter or number sits in the middle of the band. For example, inside of the fused band in the pic sits on O 1/2, but on a narrow ring, it’s the outside edge you are after.

If a Ring Needs Resizing

Even after all this effort, sometimes things don’t go exactly to plan, and we need to resize, even after 20 years in the business I ( I would be lying if I said I did not ) get the size occasionally wrong.

If this is the case, contact me as soon as you can.  Do not panic, on a scale of life-threatening issues, a ring that does not quite fit is rather low on the totem pole!

If the problem is due to an error on my part, all costs involved are covered by me. If the error is on your part – then I will only charge the minimum that it costs to correct the problem.

**As a rule of thumb, we can resize up to 3 sizes up and down. Any more can sometimes put stress on the stones. Think about it a bit like dress sizes – you can only alter minor, not major.

In major cases, it is often a remake.

Ring resizing starts at around $45, but if we need to laser weld, then it can be anywhere around $80 to $90, although gold can often cost more.

If it’s a gold ring, keep in mind that some resizing may require more gold added, which means greater cost. Each job is different.

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