Getting jewellery custom made

The majority of the pieces you see on this site will have been customer commissions. I pride myself on my “Bespoke” work and client commissions, having created many handmade jewellery pieces for discerning clients Worldwide.

The process should be exciting, fun and downright easy, it rarely costs you more than something off the shelf as I specialise in custom-made-to-order works.

However, due to the massive amount of enquiries I receive, I tend to be VERY DIRECT so please do not take offence at all if I ask straight-out questions, so we are both on exactly the same page before any work commences.

Occasionally my directness gets misinterpreted as ‘rudeness” – so if you are the type of person who is hyper-sensitive, then I am definitely not the jeweller for you.

So here are a few simple ways that you as the customer can make my life ( and yours too!) a little bit easier 🙂

1: HAVE SOME IDEA/S– of what you like and what you don’t like.

It’s pointless emailing me saying “I really want you to design and make me a ring”

Try to reference styles of mine you like, colours you like, widths you like, surfaces-shiny, brushed, organic, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold.

Be a little flexible with the design, I will be creating a ONE-OFF for you, hence it will not be EXACTLY the same as the one you saw on my Facebook, Instagram or this website.

Custom work is ALL about communication!

2: Be REALISTIC regarding the design – I will not create anything that is not within my design style/aesthetic – e.g. a boring 3-claw ring or something you would see at Michael Hill, or in a commercial jewellery store.

I will not reproduce copies or styles of jewellery that are not mine, you can send pictures of styles you like, but please do not expect a direct copy of them.

Chances are if you do that, I will not respond.

3BUDGET – I need to know how much you want to spend, again be realistic. Whilst I can often “tweak” things to reduce costs do not expect me to perform miracles.

4: Tell me a bit ABOUT YOU – or the person it is being created for.

Are they sporty, funky, romantic, ethical, or boho – do they like green, blue, or violet?

That kind of thing really helps me out.


If it’s a ring this helps so much, it’s difficult to quote for a gold ring as a small finger size versus a larger finger will take considerably more gold, and hence cost much more.

Not sure how to establish the finger size?

I go into full details about this in another blog – but here’s the edited quick version

Visit a local jewellery store.

This is by far the most accurate and the most straightforward way to find out your or your partner’s ring size. If you have not the slightest clue about the size, visit a local jeweller or jewellery store. Even if you don’t buy from them, many jewellers will measure your finger for free. Please consider this option as your premier choice if you are looking for an engagement ring online. When you provide the most accurate measurements, you will be 100% sure that the ring will fit perfectly.


Once we establish some basic ideas I will run up some quick sketches and a plan – and yes, they will be quick and very simple, I do not charge “custom fees” as many jewellers do, so please do not expect detailed rendered drawings.

Once we are both comfortable with the design a deposit is taken *(deposits depend on the final cost of the work but on gold rings average $500.00 -$1000). These are NON-REFUNDABLE once work has commenced.

All custom work is non-returnable or refundable.

My turnaround can vary from 3-8 weeks – if you need something urgently just ask.

Shipping is available WORLDWIDE, I will discuss all options with you.

Rest assured, with over 27 years in the business of custom-made jewellery, I know what I am doing!