8mm wide RELIC gold ring


Wonderfully solid 8.3mm wide heavy 9ct yellow gold ring
Created by Reticulation, which is used mainly by studio jewellers, producing a ridged or ripply surface through controlled heating.
The ridges of a reticulated surface are more pronounced than any other surface treatment.
In indirect light, the ridges of reticulation cast shadows, like those thrown by mountains in the late afternoon sun. And just as mountain shadows change with the shifting sun, the shadows on a reticulated surface shift as the wearer moves.
To me, they seem to have maps of old Worlds past on them

Size T 1/2
One only

At Debra Fallowfield Jewellery we try to keep our photographs as natural as possible to show the true nature and beauty of Debra’s work
We do not use fancy models, with ridiculously smooth skin or heavily edit our shots
What you see is what you get
Beautiful, handmade Australian jewellery that’s perfectly imperfect