How much does remodelling cost?

The minimum fee for a gold remodel is around $3000. However, if you wanted to credit the old gold towards a remodel in silver, expect to pay from $990. The amount of work in a remodel can often be 5 times longer than a piece started from scratch. Whilst every job is completely different I find most gold remodels sit in the $2900.00-$5,700 bracket (when crafting in a 9ct gold).

Are you able to use my old gems?

Your gems will need to be of a decent quality to reuse. Often their size and quality determine how they can be set into a new piece. Debra will outline options and risks before commencing with you.

I am often asked if I can say take a large gem and cut it into smaller stones, I am not a cutter so this is not possible.

Please note working with your gems is entirely at your own risk (you will be asked to sign a contract before work commences).

Can you remodel Sterling Silver jewellery?

No, it is not possible.

When I remodel am I able to choose a different Gold colour from my old Jewellery?

Most definitely.

I can mix different alloys with your refined gold granules before casting your new ring.