The Power of Stones

power_of_stonesOver the years some people attached meanings to stones and believed they had mystical powers to help with certain things they would like to have or help with in their life. For example, diamonds are for love. Jade is for protection. Pearls mean purity.

In the modern world, many still believe that stones hold powers. What is it about these stones that makes some think they are powerful? Could these stones attract people with a subtle message “I’m beautiful, please wear me” or is it something else?

Well, gemstones are made of unique molecules which are formed underground over millions of years. They are tough and very durable. This already makes them special.

Various researchers have been either debunking the concept that stones hold powers or proving the fact that they do. Looking at the research which focused on proving that stones have power in them, it was found that they emit energetic fields, which also include pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity. That’s, ladies and gentlemen, simply put energy.  As many know quartz is used in watches and electronics due to its precise vibration frequencies. It is also used to transmit TV and radio signals.

Of course, no stone will help us solve our life problems, however having a stone and believing in it can provide one with strength and courage, which is sometimes enough to help bring something great into one’s life.