My “Morning Routine”

My good friend and journalist Amy Parsons-King recently wrote an article in response to what I would call a piece of “fluff” editorial on successful women in businesses daily routines.All  beautiful instagram stars of course!

The article (and these “Boss” girls ) were incredibly cringy, and sounded as real as a Mac Donald’s hamburger.

Whilst the other article was laughable it also had a sinister side -as it showed young woman totally unrealistic ideals on appearance and how they were “supposed” to be.

Morning routine

A Facebook friend (who’s also a friend in real life btw, not just a virtual one . . . although I have those too) recently shared a story by a New Zealand fashion magazine, aimed at young girls on the morning routines of three smart, successful, young NZ women.

I’m not sure what constitutes being simultaneously smart and successful but the magazine suggests if you’re a /photographer/yogi/stylist/creative director/accessory designer/blogger/cake maker who gets up at 5am, squeezes your fingers for an hour each morning to clear negative energy, eats grass on toast, washed down with a glass of lemon water, pre-plans your entire weeks outfits and scrapes the gross s*** off your tongue all before 9am you are a truly a #boss #girlboss. Hmmmm not on this planet mate!

I asked three successful, smart, honest  local women to share with us their perceptions of success and their morning routines…

Debra Fallowfield, jewellery designer:

Debra Fellowfield

Debra Fallowfield

How do you define success?

Hmmm…It can be as simple for me as finishing a particularly complex piece, to getting through a massive amount of work in a day or in a week. Success to me is more of a feeling than anything else really. Satisfaction, confidence, elation. The feeling that YES things are great. For me success has very little to do with money or how many fans I have on Instagram.

Do you consider yourself successful?

Yes I think so, I feel pretty successful most of the time -there are not many people who are able make a full-time living out of their passion. I was going to use the word “lucky” but seriously luck has nothing to do with it, it’s just work, hard work and drive. Obviously success is different to every individual. I think it’s my ability to think outside the box (I never stop thinking ) and to constantly create and recreate. I never get too comfortable or complacent with what I do-I can be (I wish I wasn’t) fiercely competitive and I think that drives me to strive to be as good as I can be.

Run us through your morning routine…

First off I am not a morning person. I get up at 8am-coffee…Do not I repeat, DO NOT talk to me before coffee. Then I check emails, facebook, instagram, while thinking about having a smoothie for breakfast -but its too cold for healthy green sludge, so abandon that idea and have another coffee *( one day all the superfood supplements I buy and stick in the cupboard for when I start my “health kick” will be used..maybe) I am a Vegemite on toast kind of gal-or if it’s a shop day, poached eggs, avocado and loads of home-made chilli. But most days are Vegemite on Vogels. Then I throw on my work gear. My studio/workshop is at home, so it’s tracks, uggs, and an old sweater…I keep the ones with the holes under the arms, especially for the studio. I work with my husband so he jokes about how sexy I look…lol . I don’t bother with a bra cause I’m only going down the hallway-so what’s the point? That’s pretty much it-it’s pointless having a shower or cleaning my face, being girls cause it’s dusty, dirty and grubby in the workshop-I’ll do that later when work is done. If I leave the house it’s generally rush into a shower, brush teeth, slap on face moisturiser and sun block, if I am heading to the shop I’ll check my hair and maybe put some mascara on – throw on jeans, short boots, baggy sweater .I dress very “Dunedin “ most day’s