Moissonite is it the new diamond?

Strange name -but a gorgeous new gem on the market…
For as long as man can remember diamonds have been known as having the most sparkle of all gems -but now it has a rival in a new material named moissonite.
Moissonite in plain terms is Silicon Carbide thought to have been carried to Earth by a meteorite over 50,000 years ago it is found in VERY small quantities naturally in places such as the Arizona desert.
Today moissonite is created in a few exclusive laboratories world wide and although it is a created gem it is miles away from other diamond replacements such as Cubic Zirconia or Russian man made diamonds because it holds so many diamond like qualities.
Moissonite has 2.4 times more fire(the gems ability to disperse white light into spectrum colours)than diamonds..Meaning they catch the light like rainbows!!More brilliance(meaning how the stone reflects white light)than diamonds.
they also cost @ a quarter of the price of a diamond and wear as well as sappphires,rubies-making them perfect for EVERYDAY WEAR.
Diamonds have a long and bloody history that and although santions such as the Kimberly process are put in place to stop the trade of blood diamonds-whilst there is a market the trade will continue…Big companies such as De Beers regulate the market by “stockpiling”diamonds in safes worldwide..
The crazy thing if all these diamonds where released on the world market ,diamonds would become vitually worthless!Big corporations,corruption the diamond business is full of it!
So heres a great alternative..
Here are two recently finished rings that use moissonite ..Speak to me about this if your unsure of using diamonds.

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