DUNEDIN ~ The ” Deb ” Guide

Dunedin, Dunners, Dunner Stunner…
Where do I start?
With our closed borders Dunedin is the perfect getaway, be it a sneaky weekend or a week ( or more ).
There is plenty to see and do!
Insiders Dunedin is the coolest website and showcases Dunedin’s quirky, fashionable and downright weird. followed closely by . or even

Your going to need somewhere to stay and if you love boutique stays like me, my top picks would be the stunning Chamberson Hotel, or the Terminus Apartments
Or for something a bit out of the box, in Port Chalmers where we live, Buffalo Lodge

For breaky, brunch and lunch you cannot go past Buster Greens *(find them on Facebook ), Union cafe out in Port Chalmers ( Facebook ), Morning Magpie, Vogel Street Kitchen, Precinct, Heritage, the Good Oil, Nova, Market Kitchen, Standard Kitchen, Marbecks, Kiki Beware.
For Gelato ” Gelato Junkie ” in the Octagon.
Don’t forget the farmer’s markets either-loads of yummy food options every Sat, at the Railway Station.
If you are after more plant-based options try The Good Earth, Catalyst, Let them Eat Vegan, Watsons eatery .
For Dinner – pub-style Eureka, or the Portsider ( out here in Port Chalmers ).
For evening dining that is a bit more upmarket do try Moiety ( amazing Degustation at a good price!), Number 7 Balmac or Titi out in St Clair.
There are a few nice restaurants around the Octagon -but being a foodie I would stick to drinks and snacks from them, apart from Pizza Francesca which does do really good Italian Pizza.
Same goes for Emersons and Speights – average food but awesome craft beer for the beer drinker!
There are also some great food trucks such as Citizens and Pattis and Cream for ice cream.
You may have noticed no Ethnic food choices here – my personal opinion is Thai, Indian etc here in Dunedin sucks.
Far too Westernised for me.
But if dulled down is your thing, you can knock yourself out here with loads of options.
Out of town is the famous Fleurs Place and Riverstone Kitchen or even further afield in Oamaru is Cucina.

I am only going to touch briefly on this – as where do I start?
Otago’s coastline is stunning, rugged and a bit wild.
Drive out to Aramoana walk along  the pristine seal filled beaches or check out the memorial to all who perished in New Zealand’s second-worst mass shooting, stop at Careys Bay hotel, one of the oldest in NZ for a beverage or two.
Shop new designer clothing or second hand, Dunedin has plenty of choices in both.
Sip Gin at ZANZIBAR ( Facebook) in the evening, they stock over 200 varieties of that..Stuff ( not a fan ).
Take a Hair Raiser tour ( highly recommended ).
Check out the Street Art, Museum, Art Galleries ( and there are many).

Then if you have time come see me 🙂