ALCHEMY ~ Ruby Devine

An exquisite ring  in my new collection of “one off ” works called ALCHEMY.

A large oval Star  ruby set in 9ct yellow gold – with diamond detailing- and secret runic symbols in the back.

SOLD – please enquire for a similar work of your own .

Very solid



Star Ruby carries the same properties as a normal Ruby but it is thought to have stronger healing and magical energies. It is said to be a wonderful amplifier of ones fortitude and inner resources.

As a stone of spiritual Light, it is often used by Light Workers and healers to integrate high-frequency energy into the body. It is said to assist in recognising the true abundance available within ones life.

Star Ruby has been said to be extremely powerful and supportive for those inclined to self-harm or self-neglect, and is quite beneficial in overcoming sexual dysfunction or the trauma of abuse of any sort. It is also said to help in the recognise and release suppressed anger.


A symbol of purity, the Diamond’s pure white light helps to bring our lives into a cohesive whole. It brings love and clarity into partnerships, bonding relationships. Diamond is a sign of commitment and fidelity, and instills trust to relationships and situations.