Julies Remodel

1 carat Teal moissanite in red gold on a yellow gold band -flanked by diamonds,teal diamonds and blue sapphires.

This was a custom order where we used the sapphires from the customers old ring.

“My husband surprised me on our 25th wedding anniversary with the opportunity to get a ring designed by Debra. She used a couple of 18ct gold rings that I gave her and together we spent an enjoyable afternoon designing it.
I cannot recommend Debra highly enough, from her personality to her design skills and workmanship, she is second to none. I absolutely adore my ring and since wearing it for a year and a half, I’m still stopped very regularly by people wanting to know if it’s a “Debra” ring, such is her growing popularity as a jeweller. We are so lucky to have someone of Debra’s calibre living in Dunedin so for anyone considering having their jewellery remodelled, I can highly recommend Debra Fallowfield.”

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Debra Fallowfield makes custom jewellery to fall in love with … Crafting every piece entirely by hand..